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Operator Assisted Conferencing

Full Service Audio Conferencing Solution

Operator Assisted audio conference calling is a scalable, customised conferencing solution that lets you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences. Whether your audience is a dozen executives, investors and analysts or a 2,500 member sales force, InterCall brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event.
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Watch a video demonstrating how operator assisted conferencing can engage your audience.

Important Info

Uses & Features

With Operator Assisted you can:

  • Conduct weekly status meetings and updates
  • Host cross-functional team meetings
  • Hold special event calls
  • Execute investor relations calls

InterCall’s Operator Assisted audio conferencing offers a variety of features so you can get the most out of your audio conferences. From a basic conference when operators greet participants and ensure the quality of your call to major events and IR calls that require an operator to facilitate Q&A sessions and conduct polling, InterCall meets all of your conferencing needs.

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  • A variety of easy-to-use services and features.
  • Assistance from an expert and knowledgeable operator throughout your entire call.
  • Multiple entry options to make it easy for participants to join the conference.
  • Professional handling and management of all your call's details.