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Technology Conferencing Solutions

Important Info

Regardless of whether you’re in the software, telecom, cable or Internet industries, you’re more than familiar with the fast-paced environment a high tech company demands. The need for your company to remain on the cutting-edge of its position within the marketplace is crucial and keeping communication flowing so product releases happen on schedule is key to maintaining your competitive advantage.

When you use InterCall’s technology conferencing solutions, you can:

  • Collaborate with global team members on new product designs
  • Make corporate announcements and state-of-the-union addresses to a world-wide audience
  • Conduct interactive trainings for customers, partners, sales teams and new hires
  • Hold web seminars and live speaker events that can be archived
  • Work with vendors and internal teams on press releases and media events
  • Offer remote support for your customers

Technology Industry

InterCall’s solutions for technology companies help you stay on top of your daily, weekly or monthly business communications by using cost-efficient conferencing services. With our audioweb and video conferencing services, you can maintain project timelines, meet with partners and vendors and get products to market quickly.