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Training & Human Resources

Solutions for Online Employee Training

Important Info

Engaging and Interactive Training Sessions

Comprehensive training sessions are critical to getting new employees up to speed, encouraging product usage by customers and communicating and increasing adoption of new company policies—all of which are required to keep your business running.

Improve Your Training Programs

InterCall offers audio, web and video conferencing services so you can have more frequent training sessions and reach a global audience without requiring increased budgets or resources. You can host online employee training sessions that are as interactive as on-site sessions, but at a fraction of the cost. InterCall gives you more services and features to keep your audience engaged and make your training program successful.

  • Increase productivity reduce travel time and budgets so you can focus on your training content
  • Track and manage student data easily determine which courses students have attended and measure content comprehension and effectiveness
  • Stay on deadline conduct more training sessions more frequently and reach a wider audience


Services to Help You Succeed

Online Training Sessions

  • Operator Assisted add professionalism and features to your conferences with the help of expert operators. It’s the best service for large or high-profile calls.
  • Cisco WebEx Training Center, provided by InterCall deliver live, interactive training sessions. Share presentations, software and web sites, test and poll your participants and hold breakout sessions with state-of-the-art web training software. 

Everyday Meetings

  • Reservationless-Plus hold your conference call at any time without making a reservation. Additional call management features are available online.
  • Unified Meeting® 5 let people see what you are talking about and collaborate during your online meetings with our proprietary web conferencing product. You get audio, web and video conferencing in a single system that integrates with everyday business tools so starting and joining meetings is done just with a click of the mouse.
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, provided by InterCall use the Internet to share a PowerPoint presentation, demonstrate software or show web site navigation.

Key Features

  • Integrated Audio Controls
    Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the web interface.
  • Information Sharing
    Leverage existing information by sharing multiple documents and demonstrating how to use applications by sharing and annotating on them in real-time. Permissions-based remote control lets learners try it themselves.
  • Hands-On Lab
    Optimize existing infrastructure investments and reinforce learning with hands-on activity by connecting remote learners with remote computers, applications and simulations during a live training session.
  • Breakout Sessions
    Promote active learning by conducting multiple, simultaneous, small group, collaborative activities. Trainers can “walk around the room” and see how each group is doing.
  • Multimedia Training Content
    Engage your learners with PowerPoint animations and transitions, as well as complex multimedia objects like Flash, 3D objects and streaming media.
  • Testing and Grading
    Assess comprehension, automatically track individual’s performance and share correct answers within a session. Leverage web-based testing libraries for comprehensive pre- and post-session training.
  • Polls and Surveys
    Measure session effectiveness and gather feedback for future sessions.
  • Registration and Reporting
    Simplify session registration and easily track attendance.
  • Record and Playback
    Record live training sessions for reuse and review. Recordings can be streamed within a live session or uploaded for learners to play back at their convenience.