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Add-On Tools and Technology

Reservationless-Plus Call Manager


Call Manager enhances the way you communicate by making meetings
convenient and easy to manage.
Call Manager, InterCall's free online meeting tool for Reservationless-Plus®, is an application for your desktop available for download or to run in your browser putting you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting including scheduling, participant management and security. It turns your meeting into an integrated experience that adds impact to your message, increases conference participation and puts you in control with a click of your mouse.

Benefits of Call Manager

  • Easily add audio conferencing information including dial-in numbers, conference codes and URLs to your emails and meeting invitations with Outlook and MAC integration.
  • Connect to your meetings using our state of the art Voice over IP audio capabilities for international access, cost savings or when you don't have traditional telecom access.
  • Maintain total meeting control right from your computer with Active Talker, mute/unmute, dial out to add participants, break out room control and chat.
  • Use MobileMeet for iPhone and Android to schedule, start and manage your meetings on the go.
  • Safe keep your account and meeting message by screening participants in your waiting room with the option to accept or reject those waiting, dismiss in-meeting participants and lock your meeting.
  • Sign in using your Facebook or LinkedIn account to personalize your business card and maintain a consistant online presence.

Call Manager features


  • Scheduling

    Easily add audio and web conference information to emails and meeting invitations sent to Mac or Windows.

  • Voice Over IP

    Connect to your meetings with Voice over IP for international access, cost savings and flexibility.

  • Quick Invite

    Dial out to a missing participant or send an instant invite on the fly.

  • Meeting Control

    Maintain total meeting control with in app features—mute, unmute, rename, disconnect all or individual participants and much more.

  • Meeting Security

    Easily accept, reject or dismiss participants or lock your meeting room for secure meetings.

  • Business Cards/Social Media Integration

    Let meeting attendees know who you are with easy to edit bio info or sign in with Facebook or LinkedIn to maintain a consistent online presence.

  • Scheduling for Others

    Assist peers or supervisors by saving their account information for easy scheduling.

  • Chat

    Add a level of communicating between you, participants and their peers with the in-meeting chat feature.

  • Sub-Conferencing/Break-Out Rooms

    Create spaces for private conversations for small group work or sidebar discussions and keep track of your break-out rooms by viewing and sorting participants in each room.

  • Recording

    Extent the reach of your meetings by recording and archiving it for sharing or future playback.

  • Browser Meetings

    Start and meetings in your favorite browser for constant accessiblity or when unable to download Call Manager.

  • MobileMeet

    Sync with MobileMeet™, our free mobile app for Call Manager, to start and join the same meeting from your iPhone or Android phone with access to the same features and functions as Call Manager.

Call Manager's integration with Mac and Outlook (Windows) allows you to easily keep track of your meetings and conveniently store conference details for easy auto population in your invitations.

Benefits of Desktop Scheduling

  • Easily start or join meetings from your calendar by clicking on the Join-URL of the meeting invite.
  • Automatically integrate scheduling with your enterprise calendar tool (Mac, Outlook or Exchange for Windows) when you download Call Manager.
  • Sync your meetings with MobileMeet for easy identification and the ability to start and join, on the go directly from your mobile device.

  • Easily add your audio conferencing information, including dial-in numbers, conference codes and URLs, to your emails and meeting invitations.
  • Send meeting invitations in eleven languages for global reach.
  • International dial-in number lookup for added convenience when traveling or hosting in multiple localities.

Scheduling with Mac

  1. Click the Meeting Center icon in your menu bar and select Create Meeting Invitation.
  2. In your iCal or Calendar Event, set the meeting subject, date and start time and select your invitees.
  3. Review the email template that appears in the body of the email and make any necessary additions or modifications.
  4. Send the email.

Scheduling with Windows

From Outlook
  1. Open an appointment time in your Outlook and set your meeting subject, date and start time and select your invitees.
  2. Click the Call Manager icon and your meeting access information will auto populate into the body of the appointment email. From here, you can make any necessary additions or modifications.
  3. Send the email.

From Call Manager
  1. Click the Meeting Center icon in your toolbar and select Schedule a Meeting.
  2. An Outlook appointment will open. Set your meeting subject, date and start time and select your invitees.
  3. Review the email template that appears in the body of your meeting invite email and make any necessary additions or modifications.
  4. Send the email.

Your brand is your message and now the message is crystal clear. With optional Co-Branding for Call Manager, you have the opportunity to customize the look and feel of meeting experiences. Now, for a one-time fee, your company's message can be fully seen and heard.

Key Features

  • Display your logo and brand colors for maximum visibility.
  • Customize your meeting templates to tell the story your meetings will continue.
  • Customize your meeting URLs to match the web footprint you've already established...and more.

In addition to custom branding, various features and functions can be customized. Our most popular custom options are:

  • Recording and Archiving
  • Chat
  • Voice over IP
  • Social Media Integration
  • Active Directory integration

Contact your sales representative today to get started.

Get Started in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download & Install

To get started click the link below for Mac and Windows and follow the onscreen instructions. During the install, you'll be prompted to enter the user login and password provided in your Welcome Email.


Call Manager for Mac & Windows

Once installed, schedule a meeting using the button in your calendar or start an instant meeting by clicking the icon in your taskbar.

Step 2: Additional Resources

Tech Support
Toll free - 1.877.769.7228
+1 706.758.1522

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an InterCall Reservationless-Plus account to download and use Call Manager?

A: No. You do not need a Reservationless-Plus account to download and join meetings using Call Manager. However, to schedule, start and host meetings through Call Manager, an InterCall Reservationless-Plus account is required.

Q: Which smartphones are supported by Call Manager?

A: Non-desktop meetings scheduled with Call Manager are handled by MobileMeet, our state of the art mobile application that enables you to access and manage Reservationless-Plus audio meetings from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Please visit for more information.

Q: Who can I invite to my meeting from Call Manager?

A: When scheduling a meeting, you can add invitees from your active directory or manually by typing their email address. When logged into Call Manager, leaders can invite additional participant by clicking Quick Invite in the toolbar.

Q: Will my invited participants need to use Call Manger to join my calls?

A: No. Participants can have an audio only or an audio and web connection. Participants have the option to join via audio only by dialing in from a landline or cellular telephone. Smartphone users can also download our MobileMeet app. Please visit for more information. Participants wanting to join via the Call Manager web interface can also do so by clicking on the invitation link or going to the InterCall web site at